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5 Families in Basra Need Your help

Of the estimated 1.5 million people in Basra, almost half are thought to be children.

Since the war began in 2013, Basra has faced the biggest crises in its modern history. Today, children are everywhere in Basra. Standing idly in ramshackle doorways wearing tattered clothes, they had become the city's forsaken people, symbols of hunger and deprivation, seemingly with little hope of ever rising above their circumstances. The after effect of the conflicts that they have faced has left ever lasting misery. Homes are evidently shown without a roof and appliances needed such as fridge, cooker and fans. Many children have lost either a parent or both so communities are taking in orphans but they too face a struggle as they are unable to provide basic necessities such as bedding, food and medicine. Lady Sumayya have identified 5 families who are in desperate need for funds. Family 1: A young daughter of the family has suffered severe burns. Work is required to fix the roofing of their home and require general home appliances, fans and bedding. Family 2: In Abu Khaseeb, a small 1 bedroom house which is run down without a fridge and air cooling system is in need of desperate repairs. Roof is made of wood which fails to keep the heat out. This house is used for orphans of different ages. Recently, a young orphan had returned from Iran after undergoing heart surgery. The father who looks after the orphans is unable to provide for them. Family 3: A father of 5 daughters is unable to work due to being visually impaired. They live in a house without an AC (which is currently not working). The roof of the house is made of metal which over heats during the day. His children are often sent to his in laws. Family 4: A father of 4 daughters is disabled requiring an urgent operation. He is unable to walk or provide for his daughters. His wife left him and the daughters. The house is beyond imagination. They sleep without any bedding or AC/fan. Without a fridge/freezer, they are unable to cook or heat any food. Family 5: In a small house, the father has passed away and his child (an orphan) is disabled. The house is in a bad state requiring urgent repairs and in house appliances.

Your donations will help repair the roof of their home, supply the families with basic appliances and fans to avoid having to face the extreme heat which is currently reaching 35 degrees during the peak of the day.

Thank You for your Generosity.

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