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Bring a smile to an orphan’s heart this Eid

As we prepare for the Grand Night of Qadr, let us remember each other in our prayers, at this time most of the world is in crisis and darkness seems to be looming everywhere especially in India, We pray to Allah to help those in distress and to make it easy for them. Whilst we pray for all around the world, we ask you to remember the orphans of Najaf and Iraq, they need your support this year more than any other.

For just £5 per child, you will bring a smile to an orphan’s heart this Eid. Your support will make all the difference as you will be giving them hope in a time when the world is blanketed in darkness.

“Whoever takes care of the orphans, his children will be cared for" Imam Ali (as) Click Here to Donate Now and Pave your path for this night by contributing generously and giving Joy to an Orphan this Eid.

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