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Covid-19 Appeal: Emergency Aid Needed in India

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Help is urgently needed as India’s hospitals begin to choke from the rise of Covid-19 cases. Hospitals are running out of beds and oxygen supply is only expected to last for 40% of the daily covid cases.

On Monday 26th April, India recorded a new global high for daily coronavirus cases for a fifth straight day at 352,991.

People are being forced to find ways to get treatment for sick patients at home. Some are turning to the black market for supply of essential medicine and oxygen which are being sold at sky-rocketed prices. But not many can afford these prices or have the means to source treatment themselves – majority of people are in need of help, our help, to provide medicine and oxygen for them and their family members.

LSHAF is fundraising for the region of Gujarat, specifically Bhavnagar, Ahmedabad, Surat and the surrounding areas where the communities are very badly affected and where many of our brothers and sisters reside. Several deaths are taking place everyday and many are hospitalised. School assemblies are being converted into Covid-19 clinics in an effort to help those unable to be admitted into hospital.

Please donate generously to help LSHAF assist those in desperate need in this dire time.

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