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Hyderabad Appeal

With climate change aggravating flood and heavy rain resulting in various casualties affecting families without homes, Hyderabad is in trouble!

Hyderabad city is divided by a small river called MUSI river, one side of which is the old city where the houses are very low grade, classifying them as slums.

Lady Sumayya Humanitarian Aid Foundation is making a plea to raise INR 500,000 (£5,300) by this weekend to assist a team working on the ground, supporting families who are in desperate need of your help.

The team on the ground have previously been involved in various humanitarian projects such as educating young children to make them independent.

Any generous donations received from you are aimed provide food, shelter and clean water as the initial step, especially for young children. Thereafter, your donations are aimed to rebuild and provide essentials for those lacking basic essentials.

Thank you for your generosity.

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