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Lebanon - A disaster beyond imagination

Public screaming in panic, car alarms going off in the background. More than 70 dead and over 3,700 injured.

Two huge explosions have shocked Beirut, sending enormous blast waves across the city that shook buildings, shattered windows and damaged furniture. Hundreds of houses have been left in an unliveable condition as the blast has tore through a section of Beiruts port.

Thousands of people are seeking treatment in nearby hospitals which were overwhelmed and unable to cope with the capacity of casualties. Some of the wounded are even being treated on the street where hospitals have been destroyed.

The impact of the blast was felt 200km away in Cyprus. So powerful in fact, that it even rattled buildings in west and south Beirut. The huge scale of this is becoming more and more apparent, as it is being discovered that the Beirut port and storage facilities, where Lebanon imports 80% of its grain, are destroyed and that the airport has undertaken extensive damage.

Peoples hopes are diminishing and they are looking to us for support and aid. Help Lady Sumayya help the people of Lebanon by donating whatever amount possible. In such a dire circumstance, any amount goes a long way.

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