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We are proud to officially sponsor Masoomin Sports Club.

Updated: May 12, 2019

Lady Sumayya is a charity which aims to help the needy and destitute where possible in the world. Also helps the victims in war torn areas.

"By joining hands with Masoomin Sports Club we want the younger and upcoming generation to be aware of our aim in life as a charity. We hope this type of partnership will help soften the hearts of all including the very young members of the MSC in the service of Humanity as a whole" Dr. Muslim Khoja, Chair of Lady Sumayya.

Mazhar Gulamhusein, the Chairman of MSC in his statement said

“I am delighted that we’ve partnered with LSHAF. It’s not often that you find 2 organisations whose values and beliefs are so closely aligned. LSHAF have always been at hand to help tackle poverty and adversity that affects millions around the world. Their ethos to help is something we would like all our members to embody and help create a better world. We aim to instill these Islamic values of helping those less fortunate than us and what better way than having the LSHAF name across our MSC official shirt. Inshallah this is the start of a mutually beneficial relationship between LSHAf and MSC.”

Dr.Muslim Khoja (L), Chair of LSHAF with Mazhar Gulamhusein (R), Chairman of MSC.

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