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Make a Home for the Orphans of Najaf

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

We have joined hands and are working with WABIL in securing a place to house orphan families in Najaf who are either homeless or living in squalid conditions.

By the Grace of Allah (s.w.t), We found a plot of land 2.5km from the haram of Imam Ali (as). Enough for 200 houses. Each house would be on 200sqm. Each plot costs 5 million Iraqi dinars, which is equivalent to £2500.

We plan to build 200 homes for the orphans there as well as an education centre to educate the small ones and teach skills to the older ones.

Your donation will help keep many orphans and widows safe and will be a Sadaqa Jariya for you and your loved ones.

This project is khums eligible.

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