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Imam Sajjad Orphanage 

Transforming Lives, One Month at a Time


Welcome to the Imam Sajjad Foundation's Monthly Donation Program!


At the heart of our mission lies the unwavering commitment to support orphan families and widows, empowering them to lead better lives. We believe that every small act of kindness can create a ripple effect, and your monthly donation can be that spark of change. By becoming a Monthly Donor, you play a vital role in providing essential services and support to those in need.


What Your Monthly Donation Supports


Monthly Food Boxes: Ensure that families have access to nourishing meals, alleviating their daily struggles.


Financial Assistance for Widows: Empower widows by providing financial stability, helping them meet their basic needs and regain independence.


Education: Support the salaries of dedicated administrators and teachers who provide religious education, English classes, and secular education support to orphaned children.


Sewing Classes Expenses: Cover the costs of sewing classes, equipping beneficiaries with valuable skills for economic independence.


Mental Health Services: Provide essential mental health services to help individuals cope with emotional challenges.


Utilities and Orphanage Running Costs: Keep the lights on, maintain a safe and comfortable environment, and support our facilities.


Joining our Monthly Donation Program is a simple, convenient way to create a lasting impact in the lives of those we serve. By providing regular, dependable support, you help us plan and execute our programs effectively.

Every pound you contribute goes directly toward improving the lives of vulnerable members of our community.

Thank you for being a part of the Imam Sajjad Foundation's Monthly Donation Program in association with Lady Sumayya.


To Donate via Bank transfer.


Our Bank Account Details for BACS donations

Account Name: LSHAF 
Account Number 20527033
Sort Code 20-08-64

Reference for Payment : Imam Sajjad Orphanage

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